Weblet Shopping
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Weblet Shopping is a popular E-Commerce cum business software program developed by Brian Dunning to provide you a full featured online shopping cart management system. This software will provide you all the necessary tools to design and manage your online store. It implements CDML 5, CDML 4 and Lasso with FileMaker 4-5 databases. You can create a new database or can even import your existing products and orders databases. You won't find any compatibility issues ever. It is easily adaptable to new environment and dynamic changes. The customers will search your online shop for products available and Weblet Shopping cart will finally give you the record of invoices and order placed. All you need to do then is the shipment of the respective products to valid customers and bill creation.

Weblet Shopping cart management system is specifically designed for hassle free management of your online shops. It takes care of everything and provides you the final report with order details. It provides a default interface designed in HTML but you can change the look according to your specifications by simply changing the HTML coding of different modules. The product database is very simple where you can add fields you want and can easily change their view on web pages. The calculation of prices and other things are done automatically.

Weblet Shopping cart management software program is compatible with any windows operating system like: Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 98/2000/NT and Windows Vista. Additionally you need to have FileMaker 4 or 5 or any later version in your system to work with Weblet Shopping. It provides a very good HTML user interface which makes your online shop look attractive and you can change the interface easily by changing the HTML coding. So if you are thinking of launching an online store, Weblet Shopping cart management system would be an ideal choice.

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