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WatchEm is a unique business software application designed to keep a constant track on the eBay auctions. The software automatically tracks down all bids and auctions and also provides the users with multiple tabs for them to navigate among those quite easily. It has the capability to track up to 5 eBay auctions during the same time without even opening the browser. This software with its own browsers refreshes the web pages automatically at a specific time interval. Such action enables the bidder to track the latest bid. WatchEm was published by the software developing agency ‘Camtech 2000’ in the year October 2010.

WatchEm offers the users with wide variety of key features. One such feature enables the user to refresh the web page at every few seconds like fifteen seconds, thirty seconds, forty five seconds, sixty seconds or even after three hundred seconds. The bidder may not refresh if he does not want. It has the integrated search and help feature that makes it easy for the bidders to find out what they need. Searches can be done either by item categories or by the names of the seller. WatchEm has all the eBay links stored in it that are common. It even saves the entire item numbers for the bidders to easily reload.

WatchEm is extremely simple and easy to use with its user friendly interface. The software has great compatibility with Windows operating systems like the Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista. It does not include any form of virus.

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