TWSCLITE is the modern e-commerce software application that is all designed to maximize the profit of the small and medium scale business houses. It offers the visitors to this website to sign up and act as a reseller in promoting all products including services in lieu of a certain percentage of commission. It is proven to drive in huge traffic for the user’s website than any search engines. TWSCLITE was first published by the software company ‘Twsclite’ in the year February 2007. Since the time of its release it has been a grand success among all online businesses. It has got great compatibility with all Windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 95, Windows Me, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows NT.

TWSCLITE software is the generation program for the user to run his affiliate program in a professional way. It boosts up the sales revenue unlike any of the search engine website promotion program. The user just needs to have the license for signing up the affiliate program. TWSCLITE offers huge number of affiliates to join the program including unlimited levels of affiliates. The affiliate database is driven as flat file for easy analysis of the users and the affiliate links are HTML coded. In case the user looses the password it can be quickly retrieved by the password retrieval system.

The business software TWSCLITE is easy and quick to download with its easy interface and user friendly nature. TWSCLITE is free to try with the free demo version available for the users before buying the software online. It is clean and does not support any form of viruses or spyware. This software accepts all payments through PayPal. It has a great forum that answers all queries of the users.