Pinnacle Cart Store Manager

Download Pinnacle Cart Store Manager

To effectively manage your online store, Pinnacle Cart Store Manager comes of great help. This is a windows application program which has multiple functions to perform.With Pinnacle cart products along with the attributes of the products can be managed with this application.The feature known as Pinnacle Cart product import help you in the importing of products from the supplier along with files from Excel and CSV within matter of few seconds.

Pinnacle cart products can also be exported into Excel. It can then be edited upon and then once again imported into Pinnacle Cart. Even batch updates can be performed faster than before.With the help of the files sent from the supplier, the quantities, prices and other relevant data of the product can be updated post importing the file sent by the supplier.The attributes of the product can be edited, added or deleted with the help of Ultimate Pinnacle Cart product attribute management.The products can also be rearranged with Drag and Drop ability.Pinnacle Cart Custom Reports can be made easily with some basic SQL skills.It has the Easy populate feature which helps in copying one product attribute to multiple places.Product attributes can be managed quickly with the help of extended attribute editor.The interface is user friendly and one does have to spend a lot of time to know the program per second.

Some other features which come of help are order notifications, advanced filters support for native characters and fast product search.There are different requirement for Mac and Linux users. For Mac users, a PC emulator is required to run store manager. Windows installation and Virtual Box are recommended for the users of Linux.To list down some of the technical requirements to run this software, mention can be made of  2GB RAM,  Pinnacle Cart v3.7.5+,1024x768 screen resolution, Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 (32/64 bit) and an Internet connection.