My Article Submitter
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My Article Submitter from an e-commerce software developing firm called Gridmarketing, is an awesome new development in the field of article posting on websites. Many people write articles and they need to be posted on online portals but the task becomes very demanding when it needs to be done on a huge number of websites. My Article Submitter is one such solution which has built in options which allow the user to perform this tedious task at a simple click of a mouse button.

My Article Submitter includes a host of features such as auto fill options which count up to one hundred and thirty eight. These auto fill options take care of the major websites where articles can be posted without breaking a sweat. Another twenty five websites can be added to the long list but this time,it has to be done manually. This software also includes options where it offers to remember the login details of the users and add new directories to the list of already existing ones. In short, it cuts off the manual labor which users would have to go through otherwise.

My Article Submitter has the following advantages when it comes to using it or making a study of its long list of features: compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 8, small size which allows it to function on almost any system, free nature meaning it can be used without posing the risk of monetary loss, advanced features and modern algorithms which enable it to function without any problem. All in all, My Article Submitter is a great solution to the problem of posting articles on multiple web portals at a time.

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