Mobile Market Explorer TaskBar (MMETaskBar)

Download Mobile Market Explorer TaskBar (MMETaskBar)

Mobile Market Explorer TaskBar (MMETaskBar) is a popular business software program designed and developed by Game Artists for providing Accounting and Billing related services to your organization. Mobile Market Explorer TaskBar is a very effective application program providing scrolling stock information and works as a market ticker for FOREX. It provides a professional way for doing all your marketing related works and maintaining accounting and finance departments too. Mobile Market Explorer TaskBar offers all the vital controls and effective tools to efficiently manage your stock market investments and accounting all necessary details whenever required. This application allows you to scan present market situation depending upon different parameters and creates actual report for investors. The dynamic market report generation allows investors for secured investment.

Mobile Market Explorer TaskBar is capable of retrieving dynamic market information depending upon user defined parameters. For secure and effective investment you require complete information about the current market situation and stock valuation. Without these set of information your investment to the market is completely insecure. Mobile Market Explorer TaskBar offers the most promising services for stock markets. The features include: market scanning on different parameters, portfolio monitoring, news feeds, real time information and financing services. Mobile Market Explorer TaskBar application supports several stock markets like: NASDAQ, NYSE, FOREX and AMEX.

Installation of Mobile Market Explorer TaskBar is quite very simple. You need to have Windows operating environment on your system for successful installation. This application software is compatible with: Windows 7/8, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows NT/Me. No additional software requirement is there. The user friendly interface allows you to easily manage and maintain this application. The market versatility makes this application a success. On request you can add more stock market in your list. Mobile Market Explorer TaskBar is an ideal application for investors.