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Merchant Helper is a very popular and effective business software program designed and developed by 2DEG Software for providing efficient E-Commerce solution. This software product enables business owners to develop and launch a full featured E-Commerce enabled website in small amount of time. You don't need any programming or scripting language knowledge to design and launch your online shopping site. Merchant Helper allows you to host your website from anywhere in this world. This application software is capable of automatically generating dynamic E-Commerce enabled scripts and web pages. It also takes care about security issues and prevents sensitive data to be transmitted over internet.

Merchant Helper was designed to enable merchants sell their products and services over internet on affordable price and minimal effort. The features includes: No script or program compilation, can host your website anywhere, Highly flexible, Supports categories and sub categories, Provides item association, personalize items, localization is possible, easy integration to existing websites, flexible shipping functions, Data import facilities and supports unlimited options. The security features provided by Merchant Helper includes SSL secure server services which enables secured credit card transactions.

For installing Merchant Helper application software in your system the prerequisite is Windows operating environment. Merchant Helper only works on Windows enabled systems. The compatibility list includes: Windows 7/8, Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows NT. No additional support is needed for installation. Merchant Helper application helps you to design a professional E-Commerce enabled web portal for your online shop which will feature online credit card transactions too. The simple and intuitive user interface provided by Merchant Helper gives it added advantage over other software programs of same domain. The efficient tools and controls help you to easily launch an internet storefront. So Merchant Helper is a good application software program to choose.

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