Mars Flow
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Download Mars Flow

Mars Flow is a business software program designed and developed by Marsoft which provides E-Commerce solutions to your business. It is an intuitive application program which provides credit card transactions and PayPal payflows. This software allows you to interface magnetic credit card reader devices and PayPal payflow for money transaction facility. Mars Flow provides the necessary interface to work with card reader devices and PayPal accounts. You can use this software with registered PayPal account from which you can convert it into real sales point. Mars Flow is a priceless asset to all those merchants who uses PayPal Payflow as the gateway for credit cards process. It is capable of reading magnetic cards (credit card) and PayPal payflow accounts for populating transaction details.

Mars Flow is developed for providing a platform where you can interface real hardware devices and online accounts to populate billing. It has been exclusively designed to support magnetic credit card readers and PayPal Payflow accounts simultaneously. The features of Mars Flow software program includes: 100% compatible with PayPAl payflow standards, secure and reliable, issue refunds and void transaction, supports all major credit card brands, print receipt, simple configuration, transaction history, export reports to MS excel and 24*7 online support. All the above unique features make Mars Flow a success.

For the installation purpose you need to have Windows operating environment. Mars Flow is compatible with: Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7/8. Additionally you require installing Microsoft .NET Framework on your system. It provides a simple, intuitive user interface with help controls. Credit card processors can be easily interfaced to provide you best service. You can simply convert your Payflows into point of sale at any time. So if you are searching for an application program which will allow you to have easy credit card or PayPal transactions, Mars Flow would be an ideal choice.

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