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Download MailWalker

MailWalker is an E-Commerce business software program developed and launched by WebSynaptics. This software is actually an E-mail grabber program which is capable of collecting E-mail addresses by searching the web according to the specifications you set on it. It improves the performance of E-mail campaign drastically by searching the web in a respective domain. You can set the domain on which you want to collect E-mail of users. It is a quality based software product not a quantity based. So it provides you the quality services and enables you to market your products, services and websites very effectively. MailWalker helps you to advertise and market your product in the web. The addresses collected by MailWalker fits precisely and enable you to target your customers easily.

MailWalker provides you the opportunity to set a respective domain to collect addresses. This helps you to filter out irrelevant and untargeted addresses and provides you the quality data to fulfill your commercial needs. The key features of this software are: incomparable selectivity, high precision results, absolute performance and efficient exploration and web walking. It makes use of recent redirection mechanisms. MailWalker is also capable of simulating human activity on web and filtering engine is responsible of providing you quality data.

For the installation of MailWalker all you need is an operating system form Windows vendors. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista/XP, Windows 2000 and with Windows server 2008. You can have any one of these as your operating system. No additional requirement is there. After the installation you just need to connect your system with an internet connection and MailWalker will start its job. It will save the list of collected E-mail addresses to third party software or in a file too. It provides a multi language interface, where managing this software product becomes easy.

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