JustAddCommerce Flash Shopping Cart

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JustAddCommerce Flash Shopping Cart is the unique solution for the shopping carts to add a secured SSL through internet for all existing websites by the use of Adobe Flash. All the small businesses can sell their products online in a secured way by just setting up the shopping cart along with JustAddCommerce. This software application has got compatibility with both Macromedia Dreamweaver and FrontPage. JustAddCommerce was published by the software developer ‘Rich Media Technologies’ on June 2007. It is very popular among all its users. This software has got trusted compatibility with several Windows systems like the Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, XP and 2000.

JustAddCommerce Flash easily works with all browsers and does not require any settings of the server for PERL or CGI. They can be used along with the service provider that already exists. This tool has got all the basic functionalities of shopping enabling the customers to checkout all online products over the online shopping cart. The special feature of this software helps the user to add unlimited unique products in their respective categories in the website with the product description and price. This software enables all online shopping websites to show off their product inventories. Users can apply unlimited tags on products as and when they want.The price adjustment option is also flexible.

JustAddCommerce Flash can track all customer details and prepare those in details for easy study of the user. It prepares all sales report including detailed, summarized and geographic sales figures. Customer’s information is easily available for the last one year and can be exported in XML format. This software is quite easy to use because of its user friendly nature. JustAddCommerce Flash is available with a free trial version of 30 days before directly buying the software online.