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The investment in the stock market has been there since ages. And in the present world scenario it has expanded to a great extent. People often opt for investing in one or more share in the stock market. It is a very calculative market which also needs constant monitoring from the investor’s side. However often keeping track of the various types of investments proves to be very difficult. People often get lost in keeping an effective track and the software of the Jstock provides an efficient solution to the people in that regard. This software helps in keeping track of your various kinds of stock investment in a proper way. It is very easy to use and keeps you tension free about maintaining and monitoring your stocks.

The Jstock is equipped with a lot of useful facilities for the users. This business software efficiently supports the stock market of about 26 countries around the whole world. You can choose any of the particular country from the list and monitor your investment accordingly. It also has services like the information on current stock as well as on Intraday stock. It also supports the facility of the multiple Watchlist. The functionalities of this software also include the management of the transaction records, the cash management and the dividend management. This software also provides you with alerts when any of your particular stock has reached its position for buying or selling. Beside that it also helps you to keep and track of the things by presenting you with various kinds of charts along with a summary.

The Jstock has been facilitated with the technology of the cloud computing so that you stay connected and get access to your data at point of time. This software is absolutely free of cost and can be easily availed from the online platform.

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