Download Job2C

Job2C is the business software that is fully featured, versatile and completely automated for the recruitment and employment purpose. It is mostly used by the service providers such as the,,, and others. HR Departments of all big organization uses this software tool for recruitment. It is the most recommended and complete job placement and employment system available. Job2C was first published in the year July 2005 by the software agency ‘W2B’. This software has got trusted compatibility with most Windows operating systems like the Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 98 and Windows 2000.

Job2C can help any company’s HR department to create candidate specific questions so that the competency of the candidate can be easily assumed. It can also create specific criteria for individual vacancies. The software gathers information on every single job applicant and has got the feature to edit, remove or add information if necessary. Also all candidates’ information can be strictly protected using passwords. Job2C is portable and no dependency on codes is required. The software has easy and customizable features that functions through Admin page. It supports various jobs through its multiple job category support. Job2C comprises all the advanced and search categories and offers resume templates saving time for the HR people.

Job2C is extremely simple and designed in such a way that even a non technical person can operate this software. It supports jobs posted in html format and forwards all selected resumes to colleagues internally. The user can choose formats such as Text, Word, Link or XML in receiving the applicant’s resume. Job2C enables all users to try the software before buying online. It is 100% clean and does not include any form of virus, malware, spyware or backdoor. Also complete security of computers is ensured.