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Forum Buzz is a very unique software program designed and developed by IM Buzz for providing high quality E-Commerce services. Forum Buzz is an application software program which is capable of posting posters and ads on popular online forums on behalf of you. This application is actually a popular forum posting tool and provides the necessary controls to post ads and blogs on several online forums by simply clicking on a button. It allows you to create multiple login details, multiple profiles and also allows you to store them securely. This application makes all your postings on individual snaps. This is a freeware program and allows you to save a considerable amount of working time. Forum Buzz makes your publicity campaign very simple and time effective.

Forum Buzz is specifically designed for marketers who wanted to post necessary information in online forums with minimal effort & time. This application provides all the necessary tools and controls which will be needed to make effective add and poster postings on online forums. It displays page ranking and Alexa rankings for several sites you enter. It is also capable of revealing the number of backlinks for each website from different sources like Google, Ask, AltaVista, Yahoo, AllTheWeb and Alexa.

For the installation of Forum Buzz you require Windows operating systems like Windows 7/8, Windows Vista/XP, Windows NT and Windows 2000. No additional requirement is there. The user friendly interface of Forum Buzz makes this application easy to manage and maintain. Forum Buzz allows you to index pages on Google and Yahoo search engines. With Forum Buzz application you can spy on your competitors easily. With this amazing software program, you will be able to post on multiple online forums with a few mouse clicks and spending not more than a minute.

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