Download DotShoppingCart

DotShoppingCart is an e-commerce software application which is built to help the online traders in publishing web sites with productive content. The software gives site designers and developers strong tools for developing web pages and also customizes the online sites easily with the help of the tool for block building. With DotShoppingCart, a CMS framework module helps to create designs to make the site attractive. The software was published by the software developing company ‘XShan’ on March 2008. It is quite popular e in the market and has got trusted compatibility with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista.

DotShoppingCart has got easy site setup and designing wizards with the previously designed themes and skins. This application allows the user to upload commodity, simulate purchases, track orders and customize pages according to the market needs. All the items are arranged in a tree structure such that it is convenient for the customer to use the hierarchical order to select the item according to their needs. Product images are viewed in thumbnail format by the online shoppers. All product ratings and user reviews are available with DotShoppingCart software application. It even calculates all shipping rates based on the location, price and weight.

DotShoppingCart is designed efficiently to serve all the customers in a great way. It is extremely easy to use with its user-friendly interface. The users are not required to have any programming knowledge to use DotShoppingCart. It is clean and does not contain any virus or spyware. This software can be downloaded free of cost.