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DiskNumen is one of the most dynamic computer protection software. It keeps a constant check on the protection of the user’s computer against hackers and viruses. The software was created by the software developing agency ‘Firmlysoft information Technology’ on August 2006. In case the computer gets attacked by viruses or hacked, DiskNumen makes all the data intact just after the user reboots his system. DiskNumen has trusted compatibility with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems.

DiskNumen acts as a copied protector of files and performs all security checks using folder locks, file lock-fast, opened folders or solidified partitions. File lock-fast is one of the secured places to keep secret files as no one can access those without the password. For solidified partitions it requires dividing and solidifying the HD into several partitions like the CD. For the user it is a temporary application to perform any action to the partition which is solidified. It resumes automatically just after the user switches off his computer. All these features of DiskNumen help the user in storing the confidential data without any tension.

DiskNumen is easy to use and a detailed user guide comes along this software to help the users with its operation. It has got a great user-friendly interface. The software can be tried free of cost with the trial version available for a period of 15days. It is clean and does include any viruses ensuring users complete safety of their computer systems.

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