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The Digital Product Demon is an innovative way by which the blog owners can turn their blog into a well equipped market of electronic gadgets. The concept of blogging is very popular among the present generation of net savvy people. The blogs stand as a platform for getting more information and expression of ones view at the same time. Most of the blogs are created on the platform of WordPress. This plug in make the selling of the electronic products easier when installed on a WordPress based blog. It is absolutely easy to use and hassle free to maintain. The plug in can be easily availed from the online platform. Moreover this plug in is free of cost yet provides the users with the best.

The Digital Product Demon is made with utmost precaution in mind. It hides the thank you page of your site and also protects the download URL’s used by you, so that they cannot be posted on any kind of pirating forums. The plug in has a feature of supporting multi products in just a single account of Clickbank. This allows you to set different sale pages for individual products but the account for all the products in a single one. Moreover it efficiently screens your affiliate links thus providing you with lot of benefits. They also have automated buttons for generating the Paypal and clickbank options on your site. This plug is also effective in protecting your download pages from the outsiders. It also hides and replaces the actual URL of your digital product with an encrypted one. This is an absolutely risk free product to use.

The Digital Product Demon helps you to create a mini digital mall out of your WordPress blog. It provides you with various kinds of services from transaction to prepare protection. This software is compatible with all types of Windows operating systems including Windows 7 and Windows 8.