dbQwikSite E-Commerce Edition

Download dbQwikSite E-Commerce Edition

dbQwikSite E-Commerce Edition is the innovative business software tool for building up the websites that are data driven. This software supports code creation which is based on ASP.net, ASP and PHP. It offers the easiest method for generating all website applications and website stores. Users can obtain the entire set of website pages which includes search options, edit options, catalogs and also the shopping cart with PayPal as the mode of payment. dbQwikSite E-Commerce Edition has got all effective features including connecting or creating databases, controlling page appearances, creating navigation of sites and designing the work flow. This tool was launched by publisher ‘Focus Technology’ on October 2008 and has got great compatibility with Windows 8, Window 7 and Windows XP operating system.

dbQwikSite E-Commerce Edition help users to turn their ideas into the functioning of website applications with minimum effort. It generates all SQL and website script so that the user can easily focus on the design and functions of the site. This IDE software besides generating codes also covers the development processes. This tool analyzes the database and creates pages depending on the table designs. It enables to create table from excel and web formats. With its special feature this tool can also change the structure of the table if requires and the pages are flagged off where the changes cast an effect.

With dbQwikSite E-Commerce Edition data can be published in an easy and fast way. It saves cost for the web producing companies. This software is extremely user friendly and does not require any help from the experts. This application helps to design the website independently. Due to its flexible nature the appearance of the finished pages can be customized with various effects as the users’ desire. One of the greatest advantages of this tool is, there is no requirement to write any code.