Asp.Net OsCommerce Lite Edition

Download Asp.Net OsCommerce Lite Edition OsCommerce is a complete online store solution created by the software developer ‘GuruASP’ in the year December 2006. With a great efficiency this software supervises front-end catalogs and also manages other tools at the back-end. This software saves the users their precious time with its powerful online shopping cart facility. With Asp.Net 2.0 framework, the user will be able to create a professional web shop with the minimum effort. OsCommerce enables changing or even adding new templates to the shopping carts. It has got a highly reliable shopping engine which supports processing of credit cards for the online customers; processes their orders; keep detailed record of shipping and performs other features as well. All customer details are thoroughly protected with their username and password. Details of invoices and packaging records can be printed. OsCommerce updates all the latest currency rates that help the customers to shop using their currency itself. The website features all the online products with their detailed descriptions and price. The software is compatible with other web templates just with a little modification. The source code is included fully as the Visualized Studio Project 2005.

The software works great with several Windows operating software like the Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows NT. OsCommerce has got a great user-friendly interface that makes even non-technical users to use it with confidence. It is free to use for any user and does not require buying. The software is totally clean and does not contain any form of malware, spyware, virus or Trojan.