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Apellicon easyTrader is the business software application that enables all small businesses to create their own shopping store online and maintain them easily. All online products can be designed by adding bulletins and text on them. The text generally describes the product along with the price. Users can add images of the products for their customers to have a better analysis while they shop. The customers can shop with confidence with all the shopping parameters right in front of them. Apellicon easyTrader was built by the software developing company ‘Apellicon’ on February 2009. It is compatible with Windows operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 2000, 98, 2003, Me, NT, Vista and XP.

Apellicon easyTrader helps the user to first write the product details in any application of his personal computer then it can be transferred to the users’ web site. Just by adding the specific link to website all customers can have the access to check it out. The online shopping cart is customizable in many different ways. The store name can be added with the email id and phone number. All the products are displayed in a thumbnail format with product description, price, product quality and other details. As a customer places any order it gets forwarded to the user’s e-mail address. An order confirmation mail also gets into the purchaser’s inbox. All customer detail gets stored in the website that enables easy customer tracking for future purpose.

This business software is extremely easy to use even for any non technical person. Apellicon easyTrader software is available with a free trial version for the user to try before buying it directly online. The trial version supports up to 3 departments with 3 products per department. It is clean and does not contain any form of virus or spyware.