Download Xfriend

Xfriend is basically a desktop utility system that works as a search engine of the desktop at free of cost. This software has a great demand nowadays. This advanced tool is developed and published by xdot and it has a file with a volume of 42.25 MB. The operating systems that are the best match with this software are Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. This software is compatible with all the leading Operating Systems.

The xfriend software works in a unique manner. Its investigating functionality accounts both Meta data search and the full text search. The tool shows the search result in a second and it also helps to categorize the file size on the basis of type of the file, size of the file, date of storing. Apart from that the xfriend searches the internet, email searches, online news and product Catalogues as well. This is a highly efficient program that makes the navigation easy and fast for the desktop. One can get familiar to it by trying the trial version initially.

Having this software in use is a great advantage indeed. Often we cannot search all we need but this tool makes the task simple for us. At the same time it categorizes the documents providing indeed an added advantage.

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