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Download TxtReaderXpress

TxtReaderXpress is the software that is designed to convert a text to its audio version. Thus it highlights the sentences or the spoken words. This particular software has a immense demand worldwide a huge number if people take support of this very software to learn and know other languages. The TxtReaderXpress was first introduced by Lau Han Ching and this software is a file having volume of 13.52 MB. Windows 7/8/2000/XP/Vista is the operating systems that are well linked with this software.

We have already discussed in brief about the working function of TxtReaderXpress. It works in a very simplified manner. The “TxtReaderXpress Text to Speech eDocuments Reader” works as the innate text learning software that is depended on the task of Desktop SAPI and the Microsoft Speech Platform. Having this you just need to highlight or paste your text that you want to convert in the Richtext editor and the TxtReaderXpress will read it for you.

This very software has a massive use worldwide. Starting from students to business person those communicate internationally take support of the TxtReaderXpress. It helps in learning foreign language, Rich Texts, eDocuments, eBooks etc. In short this is the software that helps you to perk up your comprehension and vocabulary along with communication skill.

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