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TextSearch is the fast and versatile text search tool that is capable to search both binary files and texts with the help of ordinary text. This very software is developed introduced by Aqulia Software and it carries a file that has a volume of 1.65 MB. The Operating Systems that well linked with this software are Windows Vista/ XP/2003/Server 2008/7/8.

TextSearch software takes a very smart approach to accomplish its aim. The logical operatives like OR, AND, XOR, and NOT can be utilized with certain specified propinquity. For the text the user can even search files that are in between the ZIP archives. The searches can either be on more than one drives or even be limited to a single one having the alternative to hunt subfolders. This tool works smooth in Windows Explorer that can then be hunted either by dropping or dragging those on the top o a program or simply by utilizing the framework menu that is formed by the right mouse button.

With the help of this software the files can be assessed with their allied apps. At the same time the program’s personal configurable inner viewer helps the user can exchange fast between matches. The results out of the search can be saved and retrieved if needed in future.

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