Download Some PDF to Txt Converter

Some PDF to Txt Converter is a familiar file format conversion tool designed and published by SomePDF.  This tool is free for use and can convert all type of portable document format files in to txt or text files, without the use of any PDF creation tools like Adobe Acrobat or Adobe readers.  More on to its features, this extends the format conversion and even supports HTML formats as the target formats.

This tool provides a simple and easy to use interface where there are options to import the PDF files from the file browser option as the drag and drop options are not available in this tool. You can set the location of the target file folder and can set up a queue for the files to be converted. The tool maintains the same document owner as in the original file. The tool provides another flexible feature whereby you can convert part of a PDF file in to the text format. You can specify the start and end page and the tool creates a new text file with these pages alone.  The tool automatically opens the text file from the target folder once the conversion process is over. It ensures that the formats and layouts are maximum maintained

Batch processing of multiple files is not supported in this tool and you need to provide file by file as input for multiple conversions. On the positive front, the tool consumes very little system resources, both on the hardware and memory front.  The tool is well tested on the different flavors of Windows Operating systems up to Vista. There have been few reports of hanging of the tool in Windows 7 OS and the latest patches seemed to have rectified these issues. This tool requires Internet explorer as the default browser and works on all versions above 5.0.

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