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LiveCycle Data Services ES Express is a type of collaborative software based on SOA Java EE software, developed by Adobe System. The operating system compatible with this software are Windows, ALX, Linux, Android, i OS, Blackberry OS, Solaris and Windows mobile. LiveCycle Services runs on a web application server. The web-tier complier is used to compile MXML files and other assets into a SWF file in LiveCycle Services. Enabling production mode and changing debugging settings are the options included in this file.

It combines internet applications with livecycle services and business logic. It also combines various technologies for capturing data, document output, content services to deliver solutions like account opening and various other manual based workflows. The LiveCycle is built of numerous combined solution components and developers tools. LiveCycle ES solution components are the form of services for the developers and it is also used for securing and capturing information, creating documents, managing processes and combining with other applications and data sources.

These applications are majorly found on desktop computers and mobile devices and these are enabled with Adobe Reader and Flash Player clients. These applications operates in both online and offline environment. LiveCycle forms create XML-based form templates as PDF, SWF or HTML which is used with the Adobe Reader, Flash Player and web browsers. LiveCycle Data Services facilitates the development of Flex and AIR applications. It is also used for messaging, data management and PDF creation of RIA creations.

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