Download Kingsoft Writer 2010

Kingsoft Writer 2010 is a basic and simple word processing software. Though it lacks fancy features like many software's in the same genre, yet it has few unusual features that are not found elsewhere. This is what helps it score over other similar software's.

All the options, features and tools of this software are arranged on the main screen of the layout. It makes the controls very handy for the user. One unique feature of this software is the menu on the right hand side of the screen. It has options to open an existing document as well as a new document. Hence, working and multitasking becomes slightly convenient for the user. The style formatting in the software comes in very handy as it allows the user to automatically clear formatting and replace it with styles that were already created. There is a tray of graphic tools in the features option of the software.

Kingsoft Writer 2010 offers a variety of publishing options to the user. The finished files can be converted into PDFs, HTML format, faxes and emails. This program is fully compatible with Microsoft Word and can process files that are in plain text and rich text formats. This software is best suited for casual users who look to creating rather plain files.

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