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If scanning, conversion of documents and managing them are your regular tasks, then eDocScan Lite is your perfect companion. Made up with highly advanced and prominent technologies, this software is suitable for all your document conversions into PDF format and manages your documents by the help of OCR. Developed by CPI, this software has a size of 105.32 MB. The operating systems compatible with this software are Windows 8/7/ Vista/XP/2000/2003.

This software is very efficient and highly productive with its user-friendly interface and advanced features. You can easily scan your documents and load them into the cloud. Its scanning process is very fast and has the capability to separate documents automatically. It recognizes barcodes and does document indexing. eDocScan Lite configures profiles. Documents can be scanned directly into the folders of cloud services like So, it helps to scan very fast with less of hard work. The efficiency of your business will increase manifold since cloud management it an easy way to handle things.

Minimum software requirements of this software are Pentium processor, 1 GB RAM and 1 GB of hard disk. Installation and configuration of eDocScan Lite can be done very easily without any fuss within minutes. The interface of this software is very interactive and allows users to learn and this use the product efficiently. This management system is very cheap and saves a lot of your time.

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