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Zipwise Zip Code is a very unique and useful software application used for storing vital data about geographical locations. This innovative software application has been designed and developed by This software application is a very unique tool for database management. Users can access all the US Zip Code database comprising both latitude and longitude information.

It is a very efficient software application. Users can access vital information about a geographical location. Information pertaining to cities, counties, state, time zones, daylight saving, area code, FIPS code, etc can be accessed with the help of this software application. Zipwise Zip Code is a very user friendly software application and has been designed for multiple user functionality. Hence both beginners as well as trained software professionals can use this software.

The flexibility and compatibility of Zipwise Zip Code is robust and reliable. This software application runs smoothly on all the windows operating system versions. Version such as windows 7 and windows 8 are also included in the list. Hence users can enjoy a great deal of flexibility offered by Zipwise Zip Code. This software tool covers about 42,000 US Zip Codes being updated as per the latest count. Embedded with multiple features, users can calculate distances between two zip codes.

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