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XLSToOra is a popular data conversion tool that helps the database programmer and DBA. The function of this application is to export Excel Data to Oracle database. Easy visually configuration is included and it is one of the main features present. One just has to click on the mouse. There are different loading and saving parameters. Only after configuring once, one could run it many times as possible. It has a different time estimation process and displaying progress. The preview could be imported and one could immediately see results. One of the main advantages is that it usually supports Unicode.

XLSToOra does not require Oracle client software. This application is designed with the popular Data Software. It allows excel data to be imported to the specified Oracle database. Not only this application is easy and simple to use but it also had been awarded from certain recognized sources.

The Unicode is supported by this application. This application allows the user to execute command and automate tasks. The Oracle client software is not allowed here to process. This application works directly through IP/TCP protocol. The only major disadvantage is that this application is a shareware. It requires a processor which supports Pentium 133 or even better along with 32 MB RAM.

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