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XlsToMy  is a popular software used for data conversion tool that helps in database programmer and DBA. Easy visual configuration is featured by this program. It could be operated by just clicking on the mouse. It has a loading and saving station parameter. This parameter helps in repeating the task easily without much difficulty. There is also a wizard present which is used for importing. This is used for displaying progress, step by step, import preview and time estimation. This helps in seeing the result immediately.

Some of the key features of XlsToMy are that it has automatic match fields and tables. It has batch imports which have multiple sheets from a single time. One can also see results immediately after importing this. It could be run repeatedly after the configuration had been saved. The schedule task and the common line could also be saved.

If a person faces a problem then he could follow the wizard step by step and the whole process could become easy. For efficiency one can also directly import. However if it is downloaded from a free site then it would have a nag screen and a thirty day trial period.  It is best to purchase this application for better use.

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