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WowBase from SoftConstructors is a data building software. The data created are not stored in rows but cards.
The program launches with a main window which is the viewer for the table you open. You can import a CSV file and the columns are automatically created. Modify the records by using add, edit and delete option. The software can also copy some records and you can send the data using IM or e-mail.

Define the table structure by adding fields; Text, Number, Boolean, Memo, Image, File Name, Path. Insert break and line. You can also add logic frames and comments. You can expand each card field with a single click and can edit the name and specify caption, tooltip, need value and default value. The data created can be exported in CSV format. It automatically creates back-up copies with ‘ ~ ‘ symbol in the extension while saving files.

Due to its card like structure you can also use it to organize your media collection like movies, music books etc. Also manage your customer details and contacts. It also allows you to bookmark websites. WowBase supports other languages; Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. Runs on all versions of Windows OS including latest versions of Windows 8.

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