Download True DBF Editor

True DBF Editor was released in 2012 and helps give a full control in editing as well as viewing different types of the DBF files. True DBF editor can be installed in all of the graphic user interfaces and other new formats of the operating system from the Microsoft in their product, the Windows.

While in the process of viewing and the processing of DBF files, the user can also repair and help restore the corrupt databases and step ahead into directly editing the file headers and is accompanied by an in-built editor for hexadecimal calculations and actions.Operating systems that this software is compatible with are: Windows XP/7/8 and older versions.

While working with multiple files, the powerful capabilities of filtering, sorting, searching, creation of new DBF files, and replacing functions, help support the ANSI as well as OEM character sets, with an in-built calculator with the ability for substituting the field names with respective values, file headers which are customizable, ability to append the information from an external DBF as well as plain text files and also a list of files marked as favorites. The wizard for integrated reports helps create the professional look to a report. Hence, the software receives a score of 4 on a scale of 5.


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