Download Swift Access Password Recover

The Swift Access Password Recover will provide an easy to use platform that will help recover lost and forgotten passwords within a very small time frame. It is easy for an MDB password to be forgotten or lost leaving users with the stress of not being able to access their own and important Access databases. This recovery toolkit will unrestrict access files immediately and features as the best do-it-yourself (DIY) platform. In just a few clicks, your database files will be ready to be accessed and used.

This application basically un-protects files such that an emergency recovery could be sorted out. However, users must be sure that they should create a strong backup and immediately change their passwords after the recovery if they want to save the data from future lost or theft cases. To get through the procedures, users need to first select the password protected DBF file/files and recover lost password from the database. Thirdly and lastly they need to copy and paste the password to the clipboard in order to unlock the file.

The Swift Access Password Recover runs on Windows 2K/XP/2003/Vista and has been developed by Migra Software. It is available as a shareware with a free 30 days trial period.

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