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The SQL writer is one kind of an editor which transforms numerous data developers and administrators. The main function lies in editing various data sources in one window, simultaneously. The tool is compatible with Windows 98, XP, Vista and also Windows 7 and 8 allowing the user a comfortable space of use. A reason for its efficiency is its ease of editing SQL queries and coded SQL scripts in the minimum time available.

Once the user goes through the guide, he will get used to the exhaustive features to browse through the SQL results. If you have databases supported by OLEDB and ODBC drivers, you will find SQL writer to be compatible with it. Also in case you want to customize keywords, the SQL writer even helps in that, by highlighting the important words. Line commentary wherever required and displaying of tables, column etc. for data comparison, are its additional tasks.

The powerful toolkit promotes data import and export and saves the edited format in html, or xml files. While working with databases, the user can also customize font, the numeric constants and the data grid, according to his discretion. The latest version of the SQL writer is accompanied with bug fixes, unique updated enhancements and also the ability to freeze any selected column or row.


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