Download SQL Query Tool (using ADO) X64

SQL Query Tool (using ADO) X64 is a universal data access tool which is also known as UDA tool. It executes multiple SQL scripts and simultaneously also executes stored procedures. Apart from this, it also authors SQL scripts and queries.  The new version of SQL Query tool also includes unspecified updates and bug fixes. It requires operating system like Windows XP or Windows 2003 or Windows Vista or Windows 7 to be run. It also supports the latest Windows 8 operating system indeed!

SQL Query Tool (using ADO) let its users to query OLEDB data sources. It returns all the query results to a free form text and exports these results in Microsoft Excel XML and HTML formats. Results can also be found in grid form and exported to spreadsheet applications, when required. SQL Query Tool (using ADO) retrieves OLEDB provider properties and so on.

A separate ODBC Version is also available. SQL Query Tool (using ADO) X64 is indeed user friendly; easy to use and easy to handle. Free trial is also provided for this software. Users, if satisfied and benefitted, can get this tool at a price very reasonable.  Quite affordable and serviceable, this tool only covers 2.36 MB space of users PC and offers ample profitable services to the users. It is indeed ideal for application developers and advanced database end users.

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