Download SQL Data Examiner Professional 2010

The SQL Data Examiner Professional 2010 is an award winning product and a lot much productivity and functionality comes bundled in a convenient package. This tool will help synchronize and compare various database schemas from actual forms of data stored in server databases. Databases of varied formats are supported on the platform and a complete solution to the structure is thus established.

The compatible versions include all from MySQL server ranging from the 7.0 version to the 2008 R2 version, SQL Azure, as well as most of the basic objects and formats found in SQL structures. It also allows for a cross platform comparison working on multiple platforms including Oracle 10g / 11gMySQL 4.x, MS Access and higher.

The SQL Data Examiner Professional 2010 also comes with an advanced reporting suite that offers report generation in plain text and HTML and highlights any changes in the data sets while the comparison was being made. The advanced tools for report generation also allows for third party tools for comparison. It is compatible with Windows 2K / XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 and has been developed by TulaSoft LLC. Therefore the data schema of different software can be compared with this and then a consolidated structural build-up is possible. So, this can be a real boon for you.

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