Download OpenLink Lite Edition ODBC Driver for SQL Server (TDS)

OpenLink Lite Edition ODBC Driver for SQL Servers (TDS) provides a transparent and easy access to any existing ODBC compliant remote database application. It comes with various tools governing the same including Word Processors, Spread Sheets, other desktop productivity tools, personal organizers, web-based publishing tool for databases, and environment for client server application development along with telephony integration packages for computers.

These are just a few of the various products on offer. Providing a blistering performance, it does make the task of database handling easier the powerful tools make it more accurate. Other important features of the interface are ODBC (Core, level 1 and 2 support), complaint with ODBC versions from 1.0 to 3.5, Free TDS libraries providing remote connections, scrollable cursor support using client based feedback, compatibility with all versions of Sybase ASE and Microsoft SQL Server and also Sybase ASA. The latest version of the software provides iODBC frameworks, target SQL server instance, client application compliant with ODBC and Mac OSX, 10.5 and 10.6, Intel and PPC. Connectivity to various databases along with web-interface plays an important role for the business.

The OpenLink Lite Edition ODBC Driver for SQL Server (TDS) is compatible with Mac OS X/10.5/Server/10.6/10.5 PPC/Intel/10.5.6 Intel/10.6 Intel and is available on order. The software is designed and distributed by OpenLink Software.

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