Download Multi DBF Viewer-Editor for Windows

The Multi DBF Viewer-Editor for Windows is a small program and provides an easy to use interface for viewing and editing DBF files in databases. The program is similar to the dbview.exe available as Norton Commander but it was for DOS operation only. This software on the other hand supports Windows features and multiple .dbf files could be viewed and edited at the same time.

There are several functions for printing, cut/copy/paste features, data box drag and drop and similar others. The latest version comes with various bug fixes and other unspecified updates. Giving full control over the database, the program allows for necessary changes in the process of viewing, restoring and directly editing the database with the help of hexadecimal editors. The program supports all memo fields including FoxPro, dBase III / IV and allows export to a variety of formats ranging from FoxPro source files, .xls to plain text and clipper. The platform also allows generation of professional reports within just a few seconds. Professional reports can be created with huge data can be sorted and organized in an efficient manner thereby saving a lot of time.

The Multi DBF Viewer-Editor for Windows is compatible with Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / XP and is available as a shareware. The program has been designed and developed by Alexander Berezhnoy.

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