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ModelRight for MySQL caters to all the business houses which need an upgrade as well as a redesign of their database for the various requirements from time to time. ModelRight can reverse-engineer the database currently existing for getting a graphical touch of view of the same and generating all the statements that SQL can support for creating the database, or even synchronizing the database model correctly with the database for keeping the design up to the date.

In the entire process for controlling the extremely detailed aspects regarding the physical database, ModelRight provides an in-depth support into the advanced features of these databases. This software works absolutely well with all versions of Windows including Windows 7/8.

The intuitive menu-structure and the tool bars make the job simple. Creation of new tables is done quickly without the any use of mouse. Navigation is done quickly with objects on large diagrams. The annotation of the diagrams helps make a better clarification. The software includes all the data-modeling features such as forward engineering, database sync and reverse engineering with database. It was easy to install, license it and use it. The software can be installed on the desk of everyone. Thus the software offers a unique and a great solution for maintaining databases.




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