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Linq Insight allows for execution of Linq queries directly from Visual Studio and without starting the debug session. Enabling design queries during coding it greatly simplifies the task of debugging and creating. The software supports entity framework (Linq to entities), NHibernate framework, SQL framework, LinqConnect, XML / Object framework, and RavenDB. The interface displays SQL queries generated through the Linq platform with the returned data. One of the main benefits of using the program is Visual Studio Integration.

Thus, there is no need to run external sessions and they can be executed right from the Visual Studio editor. A convenient process, users don’t need to perform any specific or separate action in the context. The software will automatically detect the connection string in the used context and if the query requires variable inputs, the platform will automatically ask for the values. It also facilitates easy browsing of the query objects and all objects are done through ORM. Object manipulation is much easier now with this software.

Linq Insight requires Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 and an additional requirement of a Microsoft Visual Studio either the 2010 or the 2012 version. Developed and distributed by Devart, it seeks to make Visual Studio queries simpler and the latest version comes with several Entity upgrades.

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