Download KIOSK with Job Offers

KIOSK with Job Offers is a very efficient and pro-active software tool specifically programmed for database management related tasks. This innovative software program has been designed and developed by Intermus. This software application is a performance driven tool created for job hunting purpose. Any type of a local council or a commerce body can make use of this software application as an informative tool.

All organizations and companies taking control of jobs and employees can make optimum usage of this software application. All kinds of job database can be managed through KIOSK with Job Offers along with database comprising offers and all vital information about the job applicants. Sharing of database comprising offer related information is made easy by this software application.

Job tenders given out on the basis of several bifurcating parameters such as type of employment, industry type, etc can be managed even if available in large numbers. This software application offers a good deal of compatibility option. Users can run this software program on any of the systems comprising windows based operating system. Popular versions such as windows 7 and windows 8 conveniently support this software application. It comprises of a feature which enables the users to print vital data about applicants and their offers.

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