Download idbSQLMultiLoader

The idbSQLMultiLoader is a utility tool that allows handling of several database files at once and working with different servers. The platform stores several instance of MS SQL Servers used for the queries and could be operated via a single click of the mouse. The application platform uses ADO for accessing MS SQL servers. Apart from this, the software can be used to create ad-hoc queries and simultaneously visualizing the resultant report in web browsers. Queries basically becomes easy with this.

The powerful software also allows access to dashboards and reports via any external application and using any form of style sheet. The admin functionalities include creation of data connections, organizing data, designing queries and generating reports. For the viewer the software can act as a end user tool to view charts, dashboards and reports but they won’t be able to edit any of them. Some of the various features of the platform include automatic excel export, exporting to PDF, 100% web browser driven and creating master reports.

The idbSQLMultiLoader is supported on a Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 and 8 and is available as a freeware from idb tools. Completely secure, the software comes totally bug free. So, master reports can be easily created on any browser to have a good outlook.

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