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GoldFish.Net from the house of Concept Geek is a freeware database management application. It works on Oracle platform. It allows you to develop and manage your oracle database and works with Oracle version 8 onwards.The user interface has been kept as simple as possible. Tabbed access to various functionality makes it really easy for the developers to switch between functions. SQL Editor allows you to create database objects. You can import database from other software too. Use syntax highlighting feature to easily manage your database. You can also use the PL/SQL editor to create reports. You can build the report using the built in templates. The templates draw data from your database automatically and give you an output.

You can then customize it and edit necessary fields to suit your needs. Visual Query Designer provides graphical and text-based query designs for each type of data to help you build queries for your report. It allows sorting, grouping, and filtering. The report builder allows you to export your report to popular file formats and can take a print. The schema browser allows you to look at the metadata and DDL of the database objects and what data the object contains. Use the Quick Edit function to edit and update the application code without changing the interface. You can also customize your login screen and view your connections according to your comfort. It connects using TCP-Direct Methods or TNS communications over the IP.

The application does not have any special component requirement for it to fully work and works well for all versions of Windows OS; Windows 95, NT, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8.

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