Download Free DTS Package Profiler Wizard

Free DTS Package Profiler Wizard from Pragmatic Works is a data transmission management tool over SQL Server or File System.This utility allows you to automatically extract, transform and load operations to and from a database. It is capable of handling multiple sources like OLE DB, ODBC, or text-only files, in a uniform manner. You can schedule automated data imports and transformation. You can also run functions like FTP filing and execute third party programs.

DTS profiler wizard features DTS Designer, and DTS Programming Interfaces. DTS Profiler alerts you with important information like package count, complexity, and some integral information. It can monitor your packages over the server and can perform automatic conversion. It finds how many packages you have and their complexity level and alerts you of the conversion success rate. DTS xChange an automatic conversion tool is included in this wizard. The summary version of the report shows you exactly how much man hours are required if converted manually and by using DTS xChange. It also gives you an estimate of possible cost saving for a particular number of packages. You can export the report as PDF or Excel.

The wizard runs on Microsoft .net framework version 2 and above. Works on majority of Windows platform; Windows XP, Windows server 2003, SQL2k & 2005, Windows Vista, 7 & 8.

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