Download eSoftEasy Business Analytics

eSoftEasy Business analytics allows for creation of reports, tables, graphs in PDF and HTML formats gathered from several database servers. It enables the user with an easy but powerful interface to group, filter, search and sort data and creating data fields using SQL programming language. Apart from this, the software can be used to create ad-hoc queries and simultaneously visualizing the resultant report in web browsers. So report making and graphs can be a cakealk if you use this.

The powerful software also allows access to dashboards and reports via any external application and using any form of style sheet. The admin functionalities include creation of data connections, organizing data, designing queries and generating reports. For the viewer the software can act as a end user tool to view charts, dashboards and reports but they won’t be able to edit any of them. Some of the various features of the platform include automatic excel export, exporting to PDF, 100% web browser driven, creating master reports, and being developed upon a Java platform, it could run on J2EE servers and using almost all JDBC drivers.

The eSoftEasy Business Analytics software requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher operating system and is available as a freeware. The platform has been developed and designed by e-SoftEasy.

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