Download EMS Data Pump for PostgreSQL

The EMS Data Pump for PostgreSQL will help developers migrate from common development platforms like DB2, MySQL, InterBase, Firebird and Oracle to PostgreSQL. The EMS Data Pump for PostgreSQL can be called as one of the most efficient utilities to convert databases and import tabular data from any source that is ADO-compatible and accessing it in Postgre SQL. The easy application wizard allows building up an ADO connection by selecting tables, fields, strings, and indices and converting them into Postgre format for easy viewing and editing as required. Importing huge amount of data that too in a tabular manner becomes an easy job with the amazing features of this software.

Some of the key features of the EMS Data Pump for PostgreSQL include an easy and user-friendly interface, ability to create new databases, fast field generation, full database monitoring, local port connectivity, multilingual support, access via HTTP Protocols, specification of schema and easy customization among others.

The EMS Data Pump for PostgreSQL requires a Pentium III or higher 300 MHz processor, a minimum of 64 MB RAM, Super VGA adapter (800x600), minimum 20 MB of HD space, compatible pointing device and ability to connect to server. The platform runs on Windows NT/2K/XP/2003/Vista/Vista 64 bit/7/7 64 bit and is available as a shareware with a 30 days trial period. The software has been developed by EMS Software Development.

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