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EasyViewOrcl provides a definitive platform for viewing and organizing data/schema in Oracle. The interface is so easy that a person without the knowledge of database handling will be able to use it. Just a single click takes the user to views, tables, dblinks, synonyms, sequences, triggers, procedures, constraints and users. EasyViewOrcl is an easy process to gather information from the web and integrate in your database platforms. The tools also allow for importing saved data from other XML complaint tools. This software comes with a trial period of certain days and does not alter the system performance in any form.

Its basic features include XML to CSV and vice versa conversion with allowing for an easy to use application interface for the same. User has total control over the XML editor and on the output that appears. The software also allows for transfer of tables to and from Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise environments and all IBM DB2 platforms.

Uniting all of these handy tools for the benefit of the user, the software further provides and easily to understand environment that works round the clock. Very powerful, all objectives of MySQL database management like data loading, synchronization, migration, extraction and backup could all be automated. The EasyViewOrcl is compatible with Windows 2K / XP/7/8 and is developed by WeTech.

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