Download DiveShopManager

DiveShopManager from the developers ProData Software is a data management tool for dive centers, resorts and alike establishments.
You can create a multi user login and manage multiple dive centers. DiveShopManager loads with window where the top provides you an option to select your language, the default being English and supports 5 other languages. At the bottom the buttons provide you access to its various sections; Preferences, Customer, Resort/Hotel, Staff, Change Staff, Change Office, Local Diving, Diving Schedule, Lab Schedule, Cash Box, Invoice List, Quick Invoice and E-mail.

The software saves all the information automatically while you type and doesn’t require you to hit the save button and follows the systems default date settings. Keyboard shortcuts by default are disabled and the Enter key is used to insert break in data.
View and edit your customer details. Plan your dive schedules, with multiple dive boats for various branches.

Create dive courses and review them. Allocate staff to the required locations and distribute agenda. You can even create online forms for your customers to subscribe for the courses more easily and quickly. Add product catalogs to order from your suppliers. Calculate payroll for your staff, commissions for your partners & agents and create invoices and bills. The quick invoice options allows you to create invoice for walk in customers. Export your data in all popular formats along with statistics. It has a built in email client.

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