Download DBF Commander Professional

DBF Commander Professional from Elphsoft is a powerful windows application which allows developers to work with database files in a Multi Document Interface (MDI) environment.
You can create, edit, export into popular document formats and take print. You can even change the file structure, delete, recall, duplicate and copy records and export or print. Convert DBF files to DOS chart preserving all the code pages and also to ANSI with UTF-8 encoding. The files created have MEMO support. It can handle export to XLS, CSV, XML/HTML and can import CSV and XML files. It supports to and fro data movement between Microsoft’s SQL, MySQL, Postgre, Interbase, Oracle, Firebird etc.
It also allows you to execute SQL queries and forced setting or removal of the code pages. The DBF files can be encrypted and decrypted back with algorithm AES-256. Sort multiple fields in both ascending and descending order with statistics like MIN, MAX, SUM, AVERAGE and DISTINCT. It also supports BLOB field. Add DBF scripts into SQL as tables using the “Insert into” option. It has a chart building wizard and can render output as bar graph, pie chart, area & point line graph, and other styles. Command line execution has also been included. Runs on all platforms of Windows OS including the latest Win 8.

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