Download Cleantouch Small Payroll System

Cleantouch Small Payroll System is a lightweight software targeted at small businesses to help them manage their payroll system. The software follows a minimalistic design in user interface. With this software you can maintain your staff details and record their attendance.
The program has three items in its menu; Feeding, Reports and System Utilities. Feeding allows you to input all the data required; Master Files for Departments, Designation and Staff. Also record Attendance, Gate pass and Extra Duty0.

Keep loan records of advance payments and advance receipts. Create Salary Sheet and Extra Duty Sheet. Reports is the output tool of the software. Here you can create reports based on the data provided in Feeding. The software automatically pulls data from the feeds and prepares report ready for print. You can print staff list, attendance register, extra duty report, gate pass report, salary sheets and receivable summary for your staffs. You can maintain loan records for individual staff. The Utilities section provides repair and maintenance options.

Here you can create back up for your data. Just select the destination folder and choose whether compressed or uncompressed and click on back up to start. You can also schedule your back up for a later time. Restore data from your back up. It also features a customizable skin. Runs on all windows platform.

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