Download Cleantouch Multi-Level Yarn Trading

The Cleantouch Multi-Level Yarn Trading is a platform that is especially designed for the use of yarn brokers, traders and textile mill agents. Featuring an accounting module, the software offers the user with the possibility of opening an account in various ways. Further the subsidiary account could be opened at any level of operation. The payment and receipts are recorded as per the bill number and entries. The sale order or purchase is filtered by date, broker, seller, payment term, quantity item, rate and other criterion. Huge calculations become a cakewalk with this amazing software.

The order resisters could be categorized as pending, completed and cancelled and these could then be printed according to date. Integration with the inventory module also allows for automatic track of the history of orders and payments. Further, users will be able to add extra search / filetrs like delivery addresses, mode of transport, dispatch address, time, special condition, remarks and various other parameters.

The Cleantouch Multi-Level Yarn Trading is compatible with all Windows OS and requires a minimum of 64 MB RAM, Pentium II and higher, Super VGA display and 100 MB of free HD space. Available as a shareware, it has been developed by Cleantouch Software Corp. The software does not pose a threat to the system performance in any manner and is totally bug free.

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